About sending structured data between C/C++ and JAVA Code

by mak » Fri, 24 Jul 2009 13:44:53 GMT

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 Hi All,

I have requirement as below:
1. I have application which creates server, executing it  and
listening on some port on Andorid.  This app is ANDROID Java Service.

2. Client to this Server is written using C/C++ Code. I am able to
communicate with server data as strings, int separately, But I need to
send Structured data packet to Server.

Questions :
1. How Can I send structured data structure between Java and C/C++
Code   ?
2. I am afraid that I can't use JNI Interfaces as both should be
talking to each other on Socket is mandatory for me. So JNI is not
feasible for me. Any other possible way.
3. How about using Serialization on Androdi ? Any inputs on it

Appreciate your input on it.

_-_Mayank Rana_-_


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