Still trying to get my head around permissions - can anybody help?

by Mark H. Nichols » Wed, 16 Jun 2010 08:14:40 GMT

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I'm brand new to Android development myself, so I could be completely wrong 
here. I suspect that it isn't a permissions issue as much as it is a restrict 
API issue. As you state above, ordinary applications aren't allowed to call the 

What I think you want is the list of restricted API calls, or rather a list of 
the "internal to Google" content providers. By examining the source code you 
could discover these and perhaps utilize them, but at your own peril. 

Was a widget to put the phone to sleep a learning exercise or part of an 
application you wanted to develop?


Still trying to get my head around permissions - can anybody help?

by Richard C. Cox » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 03:54:08 GMT

 Hi Mark,

Thanks for the response.

Yeah, goToSleep may be restricted in the API, but it says nothing about that 
in the SDK Documentation.  I based my assumptions about it being a permission 
issue on a comment I saw over at the Stack Overflow forums.  Somebody mentioned 
that they got a security exception when they tried to call one of the Power 
Manager functions and the response's a level 2 permission, which 
effectively makes it off limits to user programs.

So, I'm not sure.  I guess I was wondering if there was any documentation 
available to definitively states what API object methods an ordinary 3rd party 
application can and can't use.  

Oh, and the app I was writing was a bit of both.  Learning the API and trying 
some practical code bits to see what my app can and can't do.  




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