wifi function in phones' transfering datas

by edison » Tue, 14 Dec 2010 18:16:44 GMT

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 part one:hi,guys,recently i have been thinking about the use of wifi
function in android system for mobile.
my cell phone is HTC Desire Z which is installed android 2.2.
actually it is installed the wifi hotspot function which means i can
use it as a router for my
computer to access to the internet,yeah,using the 3G.
but indeed i find the other cell phones, such as NOKIA, WINDOWS
MOBILE, and android phones,which
has a wifi connection can also connect to my cell phone.but they can
not go to surfing the internet.
so it occurs to me that
if i can transfer the datas by using wifi connection between two
android phones ,or more ,just like
the bluetooth.
i think this can be easy for the system of windows mobile.but does
anyone know how wifi works really
in cell phone?
and the most thing i care about is
whether i can using this function(transfering datas between android
phones by using wifi) by writing
a software?
waiting for your suggestions

part two:
tks for your attention.
it's my first time to post a question here.
first,my desire z can connect to my computer with wifi, both in two
ways:using a router as a AP, or just using my computer's wifi function
to link my cell phones without a AP.
but what i want to know is
since the phones,just like my HTC desire Z,with android 2.2 system, i
can easily using my desire z as a 3G router, or which named Hotspot in
my cell phone, to let my computer to share the internet.
and also ,the other cell phones can connect to my cell phone by this
way ,
if i can using this function to transfer pictures,docs or something
else from my cell phone to another phone ,without a real AP.
you know,the computers,such as one which is installed windows 7, can
change itself into a temporary virtual AP,which usually we call LAN,
so the other computers can connect to it without a AP to play games or
share documents.
so if there is any possibility to do so between android phones?
tks again.


Re: wifi function in phones' transfering datas

by edison » Wed, 15 Dec 2010 01:52:00 GMT

 no one can tell me something about this?


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