Wi-Fi Architecture

by leo » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 04:22:43 GMT

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I am facing difficulty in understanding architecture of Wi-Fi in
Android.Can anyone help me out by giving me guidelines for Wi-Fi
architecture in Android?


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I got the android sourcecode and made a built and then I flashed my
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but there is a problem to boot the system I see the "android" sign all
5 seconds the "android" sign is coming new
but the system never boots anybody have an idea???

I attached the error log:
05-09 05:44:01.894: ERROR/installd(76): eof
05-09 05:44:01.894: ERROR/installd(76): failed to read size
05-09 05:44:02.164: ERROR/AudioHardware(1721): Can't load libsecril-
05-09 05:44:04.250: ERROR/Zygote(1723): setreuid() failed. errno: 17
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Library, Cannot load library: load_library[1104]: Library 'libakm.so'
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05-09 05:44:05.539: ERROR/BluetoothService.cpp(1730): Could not get
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05-09 05:44:05.558: ERROR/libdbus(1730): arguments to
dbus_connection_set_exit_on_disconnect() were incorrect, assertion
"connection != NULL" failed in file external/dbus/dbus/dbus-
connection.c line 2887.
05-09 05:44:05.558: ERROR/libdbus(1730): This is normally a bug in
some application using the D-Bus library.

I made no changes on android code,
just get the gingerbread branch
and lunch it with "full_crespo-userdebug"

where is the problem??

best regards


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