What kind of debug output statement is valid in getaddrinfo.c?

by 鎹疯秴 鐜 » Fri, 20 May 2011 17:17:53 GMT

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 Hi, developers:

I am currently developing an IPv6 DNS resolver on Android-x86 platform
in socket programming in C so I would like to modify some code in /
home/ubuntu/android-x86/bionic/libc/netbsd/net/getaddrinfo.c". I want
to do debugging in this file so I am trying to adding debug output
statements in this file.

I 've tried "LOGE", "printf" and "fprintf" but none of them works.
Is there anyone knows what kind of debug output statement is valid in
this file? Thank you very much!!

Best wishes,

Jiechao Wang


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