Webview cache FALLBACK crash?

by Neil » Fri, 25 Feb 2011 12:57:23 GMT

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I've scoured the net for days, but I can't work this one out.

I had a WebView that uses the HTML5 cache manifest file.  All seems to
work fine, I can view pages offline etc, except when I try and view a
page that isn't in the cache, then my app restarts or quits.

Any ideas?  Perhaps I can check to see if a page is cached before I
let the webview visit it - but how do I do this check?

My test device is a Hero running the standard 2.1 (ie as HTC
intended).  Perhaps this is "just" an issue with 2.1?

I'm assuming the caching is working ok - certainly seems to, though
Astro can't find any files on the device with my app name..


Thanks :)



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