by Joel GončŽ½alves » Mon, 07 Jun 2010 22:08:10 GMT

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 Also have the same problem, here is an example:
06-07 13:59:28.979: WARN/PackageManager(71): Not granting permission
android.permission.INSTALL_PACKAGES to package ##APPLICATION##
(protectionLevel=3 flags=0x44).


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1. Quick logcat question

I fear the answer is no, but before I change the structure of all of
my log messages:

Is there any way to do this:
$ adb logcat *:S com.myappname.*:V

Or in words: I want to silence every tag that goes to logcat except
the ones that begin with com.myappname. Currently my classes print
into the log with this.getClass().getName() as the tag - typing each
tag out individually in the filter isn't an option, so is there anyway
to use the wildcard?

The above command doesn't work, because it just silences every class,
including the ones I've explicitly told to be verbal.
I've also tried:

$ adb logcat -s com.myappname.*:V
$ adb logcat com.myappname.*:V *:S

to no avail.

I have a feeling I might have to log in a more constant fashion. Or I
might just use log4J.
Any help/suggestions appreciated - perhaps you use a static log class?

Let me know,


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OK, that's the easy part, as you said, you can already do that with a

That's more tricky. You could try connecting to the very page you posted and
parsing the data.

If this data is completely static and that's all you want to have in your
app, sure. You could just do this manually and package it with your app. If
it's not, you app could connect to the site, download the data it needs and
cache it to the SD card for use later.

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