Unable to run Hello world app in Eclipse

by Mani » Fri, 20 May 2011 09:30:40 GMT

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I am using Eclipse 3.6. I have downloaded the android sdk 3.0 and
integrated it with eclipse. I have also configured ADT in eclipse.
When i run the HelloWorld file using AVD manager. The AVD manager gets
started but It is very very slow and the text which i have sysout is
not getting displayed even after 1hr. Please help me in resolving this


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Thanks, resolved as your solution. (singleTask)


2010/5/12 TreKing <treking...@gmail.com>

It's seem like two my-app in window stack. but my expect is one app


Launching from home screen is different than launching from the status bar -
different intents thus different instances of the activity. Look at and play
around with the various launch mode flags, specifically singleTask.

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