by vinoth » Sun, 07 Mar 2010 03:08:00 GMT

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1. active button color

Hello all,

I m wondering if someone can help me with a situation. I have this
list view as shown in the picture below.


Each button on the top has a list view corresponding to the above
field. I m trying to see how it is possible to show the default
selection as the user enters this particular screen. I m trying to
keep one of the button on the top to have a different color so the
user can know which of the tab views they have presently selected.


2. How does Android handles PCM data from voice call?

Dear experts,

I am trying to understand whether or not Android handles the phone
conversation's audio stream or it is done outside Android's framework.
Specifically, if, for example, Android controls a cellular processor
that provides PCM interface for voice conversation and there is a need
to send audio over Bluetooth instead of using mic/speakers, how this
is handled?
There are two ways here to the best of my understanding:

1. Route PCM from cellular to audio port on Android CPU, then let
Android receive the stream and send it to BT stack for processing and
eventually pushing to BT hardware over HCI
2. Have Android control a HW switch that will route PCM directly to BT
HW using direct PCM interface

Which one applies? Is there a preferable way (best usage of resources
provided by Android)?

Your advice is very much appreciated



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