Status bar area not covered when activity is resumed

by groob » Wed, 11 May 2011 04:42:35 GMT

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I'm experiencing very nasty bug trying to implement Admob in my
I thought the problem is in my code, but after some investigation I
found it present also in Android-Banner-Essentials example (available
for download here: )
I wonder if anyone ever met this problem or maybe knows how to deal
with it.

Basically, when application has both status and title bar disabled, it
should use full screen.
Banner Essentials example displays nothing but Admob banner on the
very top of area available.
I downloaded the example, changed only two things:
- added my publisher ID to compile properly and receive any ads ;)
- added one param to activity's manifest to disable title and status

Compiled binary, no matter what device is it launched on (tried Nexus
One, G1, Desire, different Android versions), is affected with the
same issue:
- when ad banner is displayed press Home,
- once taken back to home screen press and hold Home to see recently
launched apps,
- select back Banner Essentials app.
My tests reveal that with 50% reproduction chance Admob banner doesn't
go back to its position -the very top of the screen.
To show better what I mean I prepared three screenshots: 

Important notices:
- when app is resumed normally, banner is displayed just below status
bar, and slides up until is aligned to the top screen border,
- when error appears the banner doesn't move at all,
- I couldn't reproduce the issue with any other interrupt (pressing
Back, Power Button),
- I think it may be somehow connected to gaining/losing foucs (see

My app is bit more complex than Banner Essentials so I started with
searching the issue in my code, with no luck, thus tried to simplify
the situation as much as possible and here are the results.

Does anyone know what may be causing the problem? Maybe some
additional flags or properties has to be set to handle this behaviour?

Any advice will be appreciated.



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