Slide Networks/SlideME: Expanding Team

by Shane Isbell » Sat, 01 Nov 2008 20:05:43 GMT

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 Slide Networks/SlideME is looking to bring on 1-2 top-notch Android
developers for equity stake in company. Any interest, just shoot me an



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I know that this is not really an android question but i am new to
both android and JSON.

{"Email":"","Password":"123456"} to a url.

The above structure is sent to Server in a variable named son The
server reads the data and sends back the user information in a json
object if the login is successful or {"error","-1"} if the
authentication fails.

JSONObject json=new JSONObject();
json.put("email", "");
json.put("password", "arslan");
HttpParams p=new BasicHttpParams();
p.setParameter("json", json.toString());
HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient(p);
HttpResponse response=client.execute(new HttpGet(" http://www.***.com/ 
InputStream is=response.getEntity().getContent();
String a=convertStreamToString(is);
Log.i("Read from the server", a);
catch(Exception e)

But this isnt worrking. What am i doing wrong ? If anybody has some
working code that they could share with me i would be very grateful. I
have been stuck with this for the past 24 hours and tried everything
under the sun. At the last line the string a should contain a jason
string contain the user attributes for

Could any one help me ?

Kind Regards,



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