by Neo Apostol » Wed, 16 Feb 2011 04:38:02 GMT

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Is it possible to write data from different threads  to the SQLite DB at the
some time?
Thank you.



by Neo Apostol » Wed, 16 Feb 2011 04:38:10 GMT

Is it possible to write data from different threads
to the SQLite DB at the some time?
Thank you.


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1. allowTaskReparenting=true. Will there be a single instance of the activity ?


Before asking my doubt, let me clarify my understanding of

Suppose there exists a Task (say Task 1) and this task has an activity
(say Activity 1) which wants to call my Activity (say Activity 2). Let
my activity (activity 2) set the attribute allowTaskReparenting to
true and let my activity have a specific taskAffinity(affinity1). When
Activity1 calls my activity (activity2), my activity becomes part of
the task1. But suppose another task (task2) is already present/created
with the same taskAffinity as mine (affinity1) and an activity in that
task (say activity3) tries to start my activity, my activity gets re-
parented to task2.

Not sure if i was clear enough. If i were to rephrase my words...

If my activity has allowTaskReparenting set to true and an instance of
my activity is already present in task1. If task2 with the same task
affinity as my activity tries to start my activity, the EXISTING
activity gets re-parented from task1 to task2.

My quesions:
(1) Is my understanding correct ?
(2) If I am correct then a single instance of my activity gets shifted
from task1 to task2. So 2 activity objects of my activity are NOT
created. Am i correct ?

2. What about examples and comments in the Android reference?

Hi there!

I have been using the Android documentation for a few days now, and it
is quite good and easy to read.
Apart from that I noticed that I missed something, and now I found out
what it is:
    Examples and comments.

If you look at the PHP documentation (e.g. 
for the PHP substr() function) you will see many syntax-highlighted
examples and comments by users.

Of course there are examples in the Android documentation, especially
in the Dev Guide category - they just are not at the right place if
one searches the reference for a specific method or functionality.
What do you think about this?

@Google Team: I believe this means more work, but I also believe that
it would improve the reference by all means. Maybe there is a
compromise: The offline reference just contains the examples and
hyperlinks guide to the online documentation for those who are looking
for user comments.


Marc Reichelt   ||   http://www.marcreichelt.de/

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