Why are iPhone apps prettier than Android apps?

by Ryan Beesley » Mon, 07 Dec 2009 14:04:09 GMT

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 Consistent UI means that there is a more gradual learning curve for someone to 
use an unfamiliar app.  There's a reason that Wordstar edit commands are still 
being used for applications today, rr the familiarity of vi and emacs commands. 
 It was also one of the driving factors in Windows 3.x adoption.

When you do something to break the common and familiar metaphors in software, 
you had better have a benchmark application that developers will be mimicing 
for years to come.  Unless you're writing the next Office or Photoshop, you 
will have better convergience if you keep to a standard look and feel that the 
user will instantly grasp.

Bryce may have been beautiful to look at, but functionally it was very 
difficult to pick up and use.


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Users expectations seem to be lower on UI aspects too.

In app ratings, users tend to ask for features rather than a better
looking UI.

Sometimes users will complain if an app doesn't use the native Android
UI. Not sure why, I don't think every app should look the same!


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