Software Engineers needed for Mobile Services startup in Mountain View, CA

by Jennifer » Fri, 14 Jan 2011 06:45:18 GMT

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 Senior Level Engineer/Developer
Junior Mid-level engineer
Terms: 6 month contract

At-Tech Staffing is seeking a hands on senior level engineer + junior
developer with extensive coding abilities, who can look at the
architecture as a whole, and document it.  They will be working on a
product that provides customization of content to various mobile
devices and optimizes it to fit their screens.  They are currently
utilizing HP servers.  The project is being constructed in Mountain
View, CA, and budgeted for six months.

Must be able to program in C/C++, HTML, XML, Perl, PHP, on Linux.
Experience working with MySQL, and SQLite.
Must be able to read and modify open source code related to video,
ffmpeg, mplayer, and Live555.
Must have a good understanding of HTTP, RTSP, RTP, RTCP, and UDP
protocols, and experience with streaming over HTTP and RTSP.
Proficient in creating, modifying, understanding video containers,
video codecs, and audio codecs.
Must read existing PHP/Perl code, and modify as needed.
Must know database connectivity and understand scalability aspects
over DB.
Must be able to create/read XML.
Should have a deep knowledge on HTTP request headers, and a good
understanding on Linux.

Expertise in Android OS, Linux and Kernel modification is an added

Pay rate: market rate.

Jennifer Loesch
Technical Recruiter
AT-Tech Staffing

408-448-5353 main line
408-448-5355 fax 


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