Setting the system time from GPS?

by Hadmut » Tue, 08 Mar 2011 05:57:39 GMT

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I have a Motorola Milestone  (european version of the Droid). The
internal clock of my device is terribly unprecise, need to adjust it
every now and then.

Ironically, the device has a builtin GPS receiver, and thus always the
precise time. Why doesn't android use the GPS signal to adjust it's
internal clock?

(I have a rather old-fashioned navigation system in my car, that can't
compete with android, but continuosly sets the clock of my car to the
GPS time, so my car always has the accurate time.)



Re: Setting the system time from GPS?

by Craig Mitchell » Tue, 08 Mar 2011 06:51:19 GMT

 You should always have the accurate time based on the mobile network

Settings -> Date & Time -> Select "Automatic".

This takes into account daylight savings and things like that.


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Re: Setting the system time from GPS?

by liuyu » Tue, 08 Mar 2011 09:27:50 GMT

 Hi, Hadmut,

GPS consumes a lot battery power and only works at outdoor.
Regular user would not always keep GPS on to sync the time.
I think this is why android uses the mobile network instead of GPS to
sync the time.
Besides, if you can't get accurate time from your mobile network,
you'd better check whether your network providers time synchronization


Re: Re: Setting the system time from GPS?

by Disconnect » Tue, 08 Mar 2011 22:57:06 GMT

 FWIW (at least a couple years ago) cell time is remarkably broken on
tmobile, periodically being as much as 15 mins off or sending down the wrong
time zone entirely.

I believe the android 'network' time sync actually uses ntp, so it is almost
as accurate as taking the gps clocks (and a lot easier on battery.)


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