RTSP lag

by drg_c » Tue, 12 Apr 2011 07:23:46 GMT

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 Hi all devs,

I'm currently working on a project which involves the rtsp streaming
from an ip camera to an android device.
The problem is that the stream has a very big delay, ~ 5 seconds, if
you watch a stream from the internet I assume that is ok for the
buffer,  but for my kind of application is just unacceptable, is not
that real time anymore, it's useless... Of course, just to be sure
that the camera is not the one to blame, I tested my ip cam stream to
my pc in VLC with cache set to 0 and it's perfectly working.
I didn't find any property for the videoview class regarding my
problem, so I started looking in the opencore sources hoping to find
something in which I can modify and reduce the cache/buffer for the
rtsp, I tried to understand how those work, but since those are very
complicated I didn't manage to resolve my problem.
Now I'm stuck at this point in my project and can't see to find a way
out... and the applications deadline is coming very fast. :|
Everyone who has any idea in getting this thing resolved please help
me, because I'm kind of desperate right now.


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