Restlet api

by biokys » Thu, 02 Dec 2010 05:53:55 GMT

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 Hi, I am little bit confused about using of restlet framework. Can
someone explain me, if restlet api works similarly as a classic web
services (JAX-WS)? I cant figure out, how to transfer to server my
custom data type and in the same call to return any value or another
custom data type like

long id = resource.createUser(User);

Maybe i m doing anything wrong, but what is working until now for me
is just simple call

String s = getString();

where method getString() is implemented on server side like this:
public String getString() { return "Hello world";}


Re: Restlet api

by creativepragmatic » Thu, 02 Dec 2010 12:24:58 GMT

 I have been working with Restlet for a couple of months.  To me, while
it is a REST web service, it seems to work more like a remote
procedure call in code.  If I am not mistaken, custom data types
should be serialized before being sent.  I hope that helps.  I will
watch this thread for any further questions.


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Re: Restlet api

by biokys » Fri, 03 Dec 2010 06:08:43 GMT

 So I make another step,
I can succesfully call this method from client:

 User user = resource.getUser("Test");

On the server side it looks like:

public User getUser(String msg) {
return new User("John" + msg, "Locke" + msg);

So I can pass String param to method getUser and receive object User.
BUT I need to pass to method object User as well. So it should look
like this:
public User getUser(User oldUser)

BUT this is not working :-(

Anyone can help me? I spent 2 evenings when i was trying to solve this

PS: Is possible in one method to pass nonprimitive object and receive
another nonprimitive object?
Thx Honza
On 2 pro, 05:24, creativepragmatic <>


Re: Restlet api

by Brill Pappin » Fri, 03 Dec 2010 07:39:40 GMT

 Try it with a Post instead of a Put.
Put isn't supposed to return anything but the request status.

- Brill Pappin


Re: Restlet api

by biokys » Tue, 07 Dec 2010 05:04:32 GMT

 It seems that both of them are returning correct objects (Put and
Post) i discovered, problem is with passing parameters to the
server method... it is accepting only primitive types as String, int


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