Problems writing a C2DM service (InstantiationException).

by Cristian Udrea » Sat, 12 Feb 2011 06:07:38 GMT

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 Hello everybody.
I'm trying to implement a C2DM service over a barebones "hello world"
application with two buttons.
At first I used a BroadcastReceiver, but it has a 10 second execution
limit and a few other limitations,
so I thought it would be better to use the IntentService approach
(google's C2DM samples).
I picked the crome-to-phone example.

The problem is that  when executing the following lines:

    static void runIntentInService(Context context, Intent intent) {
        if (mWakeLock == null) {
            // This is called from BroadcastReceiver, there is no
            PowerManager pm =
            mWakeLock =

        context.startService(intent); <=== HERE

the JVM throws what seems to be a recursive InstantiationException.

Normally, that would be because of abstract methods, but after
changing the class to no longer
be an abstract class, it still happens.

Does anyone have (at least) a pointer for where I should start
debugging ?

Thanks in advance.


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