problem with Checkboxes inside ListView using BaseAdapter

by droid_gal » Sat, 02 Apr 2011 10:47:13 GMT

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 Dear all,

I have a problem with my adapter that extends BaseAdapter
That is to inflate the listview's rows with a text view and a
The size of the listview is of 20 after binding and have to scroll to
see all the items.
When I checked a checkbox, says it's from the 1st row, it's also
checked the 11th checkbox automatically.
When I unchecked the 1st one, then the 11th also is unchecked.
I tried for different rows and I found out that it automatically
checks/unchecks the checkbox with difference of 10 from the checked/
unchecked one.

This is the layout xml file content for individual row:
  xmlns:android="" ;

  <TextView android:id="@+id/tvRow"

        <CheckBox android:id="@+id/chkRow"

Thanks in advance for any input to this issue.


Re: problem with Checkboxes inside ListView using BaseAdapter

by Justin Anderson » Sat, 02 Apr 2011 13:33:29 GMT

 You are suffering from a case of view recycling.  You have to keep track of
the checked views on your own and set the checked state of the checkbox in
your adapter's getView() method.

If you search Google for Android View Recycling you should be able to find
several examples of how to do this.

Justin Anderson
MagouyaWare Developer 


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Re: problem with Checkboxes inside ListView using BaseAdapter

by Mary Aone » Thu, 12 May 2011 08:59:30 GMT

 @Justin Anderson: Thanks. I 'd already solved the issue and it was the same
way you mentioned.


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