Problem when dealing with multiple screen sizes

by lou » Fri, 20 May 2011 18:04:16 GMT

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 Hi !
I have some problems when dealing with different resolutions and sizes
of screen : my goal is to display an image in a square which is draw
in my background picture.
I have a main RelativeLayout which is filling the entire screen :

<RelativeLayout xmlns:android=" 
    <ImageView ...
        android:src="@drawable/my_image" />

In my background picture, there is a square ( for example at 10px from
the left and 40px from the top of the picture ). I want to display the
ImageView my_imageview IN this square.
In my manifest :

    <supports-screens android:normalScreens="true" />
    <supports-screens android:largeScreens="true" />
    <supports-screens android:smallScreens="true" />
    <supports-screens android:anyDensity="true" />

I tried to set my_imageview parameters like that :

    android:layout_marginLeft="10dip" />

But even with 3 types of drawable ( hdpi -> 1.5x, mdpi -> 1x, ldpi ->
0.75x), the imageview is not always displayed in the square.
For this  example :
- HVGA - HDPI : the imageview is underneath the square
- WVGA - HDPI : the imageview is a little over the square
- WVGA - HDPI : the imageview is a lot over the square
I also tried to set the layout_marginTop and the layout_marginLeft
three times ( values-small, values-normal, values-large ), but there
are still some bugs..

Is there anybody who can help me with that ?

Thanks, a lot !!


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