Problem releasing activities

by Joan Pujol » Fri, 28 Jan 2011 06:26:15 GMT

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 've an application that has a service that updates some widgets and
also has some normal foreground activities to let the user view some
My problem is that I discovered [1] that my application consumes a lot
of memory. That memory is mainly consumed by the activities, and the
big problem is that I'm not been able to release the memory of the
activities once they are started.

I've look at various articles about memory leaks and I've tried to
don't retain activity contexts.
I've tried to put a finish() in onPause() of activity to try to force
to release
I've tried to analyze with MAT with dominator tree but it doesn't
shows any class of my app as a dominator.
Also I've tried to analyze one of the activities with MAT, but I don't
see why memory is retained. Here is an extract of ingoing references
to one of the activities:
It seems that all of this references are from the view, or is one of
them suspicious?

| Shallow Heap | Retained Heap
cat.joanpujol.eltemps.PredictionActivity @
0x482b70e0 | 192 | 16.304
|- mContext android.widget.ToggleButton @
0x48195bf8 | 536 | 2.800
|- mContext$DecorView @
0x4819f4b8 | 368 | 696
|- mContext @
0x481a5dc0 | 32 | 56
|- mContext @
0x481a5e08 | 32 | 88
|- [0] java.lang.Object[2] @
0x481a5e30 | 24
| 56
|- mContext android.widget.ScrollView @
0x481b3cc8 | 384 |
|- mCallback, mContext @
0x481c74c8| 176 | 2.320
|- mContext android.widget.FrameLayout @
0x481ce8a8 | 328 | 648
|- mContext android.widget.LinearLayout @
0x481d66a0 | 328 | 5.112
|- referent java.lang.ref.WeakReference @
0x481ef528 | 24 | 24
|- activity$LocalActivityRecord @
0x48226cc0 | 48 | 48
|- mOuterContext @
0x4827ee48 | 152 | 320
|- mContext android.widget.ToggleButton @
0x4828f3a0 | 536 | 2.808
|- mContext android.widget.TextView @
0x48292838 | 504 |
|- mContext android.widget.LinearLayout @
0x4829b620 | 328 | 584
|- mContext android.widget.ToggleButton @
0x482b54e0 | 536 | 2.808
|- mContext android.widget.ImageView @
0x482ca830 | 312 |
'- Total: 17
| |

Some one can give me some ligth?
I'm doing something bad?
Any information or suggerence will be very apreciated.

A lot of thanks in advance,


Re: Problem releasing activities

by JAlexoid (Aleksandr Panzin) » Sat, 29 Jan 2011 00:06:35 GMT

 ry getting the phone memory filed up. So it starts GC'ing and killing
off processes to release the memory. Or try filling up the heap with
total garbage and trigger a GC.
If after that point you actually have the unused(or what you would
expect to become garbage) Activities and Views retained, then you have
a leak.

High mem usage does not mean that there is a leak, by itself.

And to have a low mem usage, you need to carefully create new objects
and hold on to them for a long time. That goes also for Strings,
resources and goes double for Bitmaps.

On 28 , 00:26, Joan Pujol <> wrote:


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