Private Storage with App2sd.

by Nathan » Fri, 20 May 2011 05:05:32 GMT

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 I found this message about App Install location:

"The .apk file is saved on the external storage, but all private user
data, databases, optimized .dex files, and extracted native code are
saved on the internal device memory"

Based on this, I believe it is a bad idea to place anything large
(meaning more than a few megabytes), as a private storage file.

ie, if I call

openFileOutput(FILENAME, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);

It should be only for little files. If a user moves their app to the
SD Card, it doesn't really give them any more room for these files.

For anything else, I should plan on it being on the storage card, and
open to the public.

Am I right?



Re: Private Storage with App2sd.

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 20 May 2011 05:11:23 GMT


Yes. IOW, having the app installed on external storage has no effect
on files created on openFileOutput().

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