Preprocess AndroidManifest.xml ?

by Kevin TeslaCoil Software » Thu, 31 Mar 2011 03:23:04 GMT

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 With all these Markets, apks are starting to get more complicated. I'm
taking the approach of a different APK for different Markets.
There's some permissions I need in some cases and not in others. Like:

It doesn't hurt anything to have it on the Amazon store (And they
haven't rejected for it), but it's unnecessary.
I also have a direct-purchase option and I want to use,
READ_PHONE_STATE. I don't want to include this permission when it's
unnecessary for the Google Market or Amazon Appstore.

The idea in my head is having an AndroidManifest.xml like:

    <uses-permission android:name="" /
android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" />

Then run AndroidManifest.xml through cpp. This would mean I could
compile debug builds with Eclipse easily, and they'd just have all
permissions. But when using Ant I could limit it to just one Market's
(I'm handling actual java code with a static final int MARKET_TYPE
deal that gets set by ant)

Anyone know of anything like this that already exists? Anyone know why
this is a horrible idea and I shouldn't pursue it?



Re: Preprocess AndroidManifest.xml ?

by joebowbeer » Fri, 01 Apr 2011 06:53:32 GMT

 Preprocessing is doable.  The downside is that preprocessing is not
supported directly by the Eclipse ADT.  (Btw, I like the NetBeans
preprocessor and its support for configurations, and it would be great
to have first-class Android support in NetBeans as well.)

But I digress.

An option that is directly supported in Eclipse is Library Projects.
In theory, you can move all of your code and resources to a shared
library project.  Then create two client projects: one for Android
Market and one for Amazon Appstore.  These projects would use the
library project, but add their own custom AndroidManifest.xml.

On Mar 30, 12:22pm, Kevin TeslaCoil Software <>


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