playing RTP/TCP/AVP video stream (RTSP over HTTP tunnel)

by Andrč°Šs Turi » Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:27:12 GMT

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We are trying to play a video stream on the Android platform, with no
Using the VideoView, we are able to play youtube mobile videos (e.g.
this url works just fine:

However, we need to play a given stream from an RTSP url, over which
we have no control.
The RTSP server delivers RTP/TCP/AVP packets interleaved over RTSP.
RTSP itself is supported via HTTP tunnelling over port 80.
The video format is MPEG4-Part2 (H.263).
Moreover, the rtsp url can be used one time only; built with a key-
string every time. On a desktop system, quicktime could play the
stream, VLC could not.

Is it possible to play back such a stream on an Android device

I read googling around that the builtin (openCore?) RTP stack only
supports RTP over UDP, not TCP. Is this (still) true?
Can I somehow bypass this problem?

Turi Andrs


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