Button Image Resizing Problem

by AKninja04 » Wed, 12 May 2010 15:14:15 GMT

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 Hi all,

I'm writing this program that has a button using a PNG image I created
in photoshop. My problem is that whenever I try to use the image in my
code, it is way too large and streches off screen.

A bit of background: I'm using a MOTO_DROID emulator (854x400px at 265
ppi) as my android device. The button image I created is a 354x104px
at 265 ppi. When I type up the button attributes, I type
android;layout_width="354px", android:layout_height="104px".

Any idea what's going on? All advice is appreciated and thanks for
taking the time to read this. I'm not at home at the moment so I can't
copy and paste the code but if more information is needed I'll be more
than happy to supply.



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