NFC Mock Tags and Successfully Writing NFC Tags

by muasif80 » Mon, 31 Jan 2011 18:07:13 GMT

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 I would like to ask one thing about NFC demo available in gingerbread.
There are three mocked nfc tags available in this demo. Now can anyone
tell me how can I create one more mocked tag.

For example we have

     * A Smart Poster containing a URL and no text.
    public static final byte[] SMART_POSTER_URL_NO_TEXT =
        new byte[] {(byte) 0xd1, (byte) 0x02, (byte) 0x0f, (byte)
0x53, (byte) 0x70, (byte) 0xd1,
            (byte) 0x01, (byte) 0x0b, (byte) 0x55, (byte) 0x01, (byte)
0x67, (byte) 0x6f,
            (byte) 0x6f, (byte) 0x67, (byte) 0x6c, (byte) 0x65, (byte)
0x2e, (byte) 0x63,
            (byte) 0x6f, (byte) 0x6d};


Now this data is actually the 
Now I want to have in my 
SMART_POSTER_URL_NO_TEXT data member. How can I get the bytes for it
any idea.

Also I have seen that the people at Gibraltar Software Factory have
successfully used the NFC feature of gingerbread to write NFC tags.
Here is the url but they did not 
provide complete code, if someone can see there demo and build
complete code for that demo and share then it will be pleasure for me.



Re: NFC Mock Tags and Successfully Writing NFC Tags

by Jie Sheng Chua » Fri, 20 May 2011 09:34:02 GMT

 Hi Asif,

SMART_POSTER_URL_NO_TEXT is equivalent to a NdefRecord.TNF_WELL_KNOWN and
NdefRecord.RTD_URI record.
i create a generic method to create these record.
after you retrieve the NdefRecord, you could get the bytes via
the code is here, 

i have other related code here, 
the full project code is also available here, ~jiesheng/dl/android/

Jie Sheng

Jie Sheng, Chua
(+65) 97520245

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may not be disclosed. Although it is believed that this email and any
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confirm this.


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