MediaPlayer and RTSP server on localhost

by inon » Mon, 16 May 2011 14:51:13 GMT

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I am working on an application that streams video between android
devices using SIP/RTP.
since android's media player does not support RTP streams directly I
have come up with a solution
to run an RTSP server on the client and wrap the RTP stream with RTSP
stream, then set the media player's data source to
that RTSP server (i.e, rtsp://localhost:5544/video.3gpp).

The problem:
when the RTSP server runs on a different device than the media
player's device, everything works great, BUT
if the RTSP server runs on the same device (localhost) than after
media player do RTSP OPTIONS and DESCRIBE it fails.
that is, after DESCRIBE response (the same response that is returned
when it works on 2 devices) I get the following
error in logcat:

05-15 15:44:26.374: WARN/MediaPlayer(4243): info/warning (1, 26)
05-15 15:44:26.374: INFO/MediaPlayer(4243): Info (1,26)
05-15 15:44:26.374: ERROR/PlayerDriver(121): Command PLAYER_INIT
completed with an error or info PVMFFailure
05-15 15:44:26.374: ERROR/MediaPlayer(4243): error (1, -1)
05-15 15:44:26.384: ERROR/MediaPlayer(4243): Error (1,-1)
05-15 15:44:26.384: DEBUG/VideoView(4243): Error: 1,-1

I am really clueless on how to solve this one, so any help would be


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