Re: market:// URL to land users to the app rating screen

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 19 May 2011 18:16:27 GMT

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I do not believe so -- sorry.

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The network i think is okecause the status has already turned to connected. 
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 Saurav Mukherjee 
€ 2009-06-17  12:49:15 
[android-developers] Re: about androidmap applicationnyboy who can help 
i know this can sound a little stupid but did u check ur wifi and gprs 
connectivity, i mean from the real handset???

I signed my map application which developed in eclipse and sdk and
then installl it in the real handset.
The application works well in simulator.
Both the sdk and the real handset source code are 1.5version.
But when I use this application in real handset, I can not see the
maps,all in black.I check the log and see this "Couldn't get
connection factory client". So,what is the problem,and how to solve
The map api key is correct, and it works well in simulator.I try the
debug key and release key in real handset,but no use.
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