Making part of HttpClient behave like WebView

by Matthew1471 » Thu, 03 Mar 2011 04:27:48 GMT

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I observe the web-browser allows you to view dodgy SSL certificates
(and cancel/ignore) for https sites that self sign. The built-in HTC
Mail application provides similar functionality when you use IMAPS.

So after downloading the browser (and then webkit) source from git I
have found all the bits I would want to implement in my HttpClient
based program: SSL_ERROR:
                            (SslErrorHandler) map.get("handler"),
                            (SslError) map.get("error"));


...public void onReceivedSslError(SslErrorHandler handler, SslError
error) {
        if (mWebViewClient == null) {

Where handler.cancel() stops the site from running and
handler.proceed() allows it to continue (SslError contains both the
error and certificate that caused it).

How can I make the *Apache HttpClient* pass an event that allows the
user to view the certificate and ignore or continue (with the view to
databasing any allowed exceptions). Surely WebKit uses the HttpClient
behind the scenes so a method to register for call-back events such as
onRecievedSslError must exist?

I know, yes, you can implement your own trustedstore (I want my users
to connect to their own servers) or even your own SSLSocketFactory (to
over-ride checkServerTrusted etc) I do not feel brave enough to want
to do that, I would rather let the phone decide it is invalid and then
let the user over-ride it rather than forget to implement a crucial
check and risk making the SSL completely pointless.

Any help on how to get the HttpClient into that handler.cancel or
handler.proceed state would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


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