ListView, onFling(horizontal), gesture issues

by Wall-E » Thu, 19 May 2011 02:50:58 GMT

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 So I have a listview using an arrayadapter.  I want to detect a
horizontal swipe/fling to toggle a view item to gone/visible inside
the listview.  What I've done to achieve this is to have a
SimpleGestureDetector to detect the fling.  I've added an
onTouchListener to the listview that returns if a fling/swipe was
detected.  If a swipe was detected, I set that view to either visible
or gone.  Now this works for the first item in my listview but not for
the others.  Inside of the onTouch method I have access to a View in
which I access my layout items. Also, the listview gets distorted and
does not refresh correctly.  I even call invalidate on the listview
after I've done the change.  So first off, am I going about this
correctly or is there a better/proper method to accomplish what I'm
trying to do?

Here is some of my code:

        gestureListener = new View.OnTouchListener()
            public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event)
                        ImageView deleteImageView = (ImageView)
                        if(deleteImageView.getVisibility() == View.GONE)
                    return true;
                return false;

        class MyGestureDetector extends SimpleOnGestureListener
            public boolean onFling(MotionEvent e1, MotionEvent e2, float
velocityX, float velocityY)
                if (Math.abs(e1.getY() - e2.getY()) >
                    return false;
                // right to left swipe
                if(e1.getX() - e2.getX() > SWIPE_MIN_DISTANCE &&
                        return true;
                else if (e2.getX() - e1.getX() > SWIPE_MIN_DISTANCE &&
                        return true;
                catch (Exception e)
                // nothing
                        return false;
                return false;


Re: ListView, onFling(horizontal), gesture issues

by Wall-E » Thu, 19 May 2011 06:07:06 GMT

 'm also noticing that in my layout that I inflate inside the
ListView, if I include a CheckBox, the behavior for the onClick for
the ListView isn't working, meaning, usually when you click/touch the
item in the ListView, it will be highlighted or change colors. When I
add a CheckBox, it doesn't highlight anymore and my
onListItemClick(...) listener never gets called. Is there a bug? or a
trick to getting this to work? If it matters, my layout is a
RelativeLayout(also tried with LinearLayout), with a CheckBox on the
far left, then a TwoLineListItem and finally an ImageView. If I just
remove the CheckBox, it will respond how a ListView normally should
respond but once I include the CheckBox it won't behave normally as
described above.

On May 18, 1:14pm, Wall-E <> wrote:


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