ldd for android

by wasabee18 » Fri, 20 May 2011 17:32:13 GMT

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 Hi everyone,

there is no ldd for android available in the ndk. is it available
somewhere else ?
It is useful when troubleshooting libraries.

i know it has already been been posted in a different list (http://
3e4a52d24373611c/e9503ff6bebb83b1?#e9503ff6bebb83b1) but no reply.



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We have an app with a ListActivity and an edit view. Tap on an item in
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Experimenting on the Notepad sample reveals that adding a header view
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Oh - here's the amended Notepad OnCreate:

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


        // If no data was given in the intent (because we were started
        // as a MAIN activity), then use our default content provider.
        Intent intent = getIntent();
        if (intent.getData() == null) {

        // Inform the list we provide context menus for items

        // Perform a managed query. The Activity will handle closing
and requerying the cursor
        // when needed.
        Cursor cursor = managedQuery(getIntent().getData(),
PROJECTION, null, null,

//  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
//  These two lines stop the list restoring its position

        View newNoteView =
LayoutInflater.from(this).inflate(R.layout.noteslist_item, null);
        getListView().addHeaderView( newNoteView );

// >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

        // Used to map notes entries from the database to views
        SimpleCursorAdapter adapter = new SimpleCursorAdapter(this,
R.layout.noteslist_item, cursor,
                new String[] { Notes.TITLE }, new int[]
{ android.R.id.text1 });



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