LCD Refresh Issue During Initial Battery Charging (During The Boot time)

by Kal » Tue, 14 Dec 2010 02:13:39 GMT

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 I am trying to display the carrier logo animation along with battery
charging animation. During this animation, i am also providing the
facility of key events, which can allow the battery charging to an
acceptable level, by turning off the backlight and LCD.

Whenever we press the power button (Short Key Press) , i am turning
off the both LCD and the backlight. The turning off the LCD is done by
setting the "mem" string value to /sys/power/state device file.

 Again when we press back either the power key or any other keys, we
are turning on the LCD as well as backlight. The turning on the LCD is
done by setting the "on" string value to /sys/power/state device file.

 Linux power management uses the power management concept called
"Early Suspend" and "Late Resume". We don't have any issue with "Early
Suspend", but we have issue with "Late Resume".

Once we receive the Keypad event, we start drawing the animation
again. By the time we get the animation on the screen, the battery
backlight image has been drawn and LCD is still not completely
initialized (this is my understanding).  This is causing some junk
pixels shown on the screen.

I am trying to find better ways of turning off the LCD and turning on
again, which will take minimal time. I found the following patch,
which they were trying to minimize the wakeup time.

But i am not sure, whether this patch is already in the main line
kernel or not. If not any other better approaches for this.

Best Regards,
Srinivas Kalbhavi


Re: LCD Refresh Issue During Initial Battery Charging (During The Boot time)

by Kal » Tue, 14 Dec 2010 04:01:53 GMT

 Instead of LCD refresh, i would say it is LCD display update issue.
Usually LCD refresh term used for refreshing the internal GRAM of LCD

Best Regards,
Srinivas Kalbhavi


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