Launch Fail - Android 3.0 SDK with Eclipse

by cool rss feed » Fri, 22 Apr 2011 03:39:25 GMT

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 Hi, I searched the group and didn't get anything to this topic.

I downloaded the new Android 3.0 SDK.
When I'd tried to run with the Eclipse, It ran ok for the first time.
After the first run, even I close the previous emulator, it would give

[2011-04-21 12:38:56 - MyCommonLibrary] ------------------------------
[2011-04-21 12:38:56 - MyCommonLibrary] Android Launch!
[2011-04-21 12:38:56 - MyCommonLibrary] adb is running normally.
[2011-04-21 12:38:56 - MyCommonLibrary] Performing main activity
[2011-04-21 12:38:56 - MyCommonLibrary] Automatic Target Mode:
Preferred AVD 'android_3.0' is not available. Launching new emulator.
[2011-04-21 12:38:56 - MyCommonLibrary] Launching a new emulator with
Virtual Device 'android_3.0'
[2011-04-21 12:38:56 - Emulator] emulator: ERROR: the user data image
is used by another emulator. aborting
[2011-04-21 12:39:46 - MyCommonLibrary] ------------------------------

Once I hit this error, I will no longer to launch the emulator again
even if I kill & start the adb or the eclipse.

My temp. solution would be either
1) marking the "Wipe User Data" from "Run Configurations" in eclipse
2) going into the folder ".android/avd/myAVD" and delete cache.img and

Is anyone getting this annoying bug?

Also the emulation speed is way too slow comparing with the 2.3 or
2.2. Not sure what happen to this emulator.
Will the emulator be updated in the future?



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