Java Guru needed -- compiler bug?

by Zsolt Vasvari » Fri, 20 May 2011 16:50:55 GMT

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 private void method(Collection<String> s)
        // Nothing

    private void caller()
       // Complies fine
        Collection<String> s = Collections.emptyList();

       // Doesn't compile -- gives error message
       // The method method(Collection<String>) in the type Import is
not applicable for the arguments
       //  (List<Object>)

What's going on here?   The two statements look identical to me...


Re: Java Guru needed -- compiler bug?

by Nikolay Elenkov » Fri, 20 May 2011 16:57:01 GMT


I'm not going to pretend to be a guru, but here goes :)

It's a generic method:

public static final <T> List<T> emptyList()

In the second call there is no way to determine the type of the generic
parameter, so you get a list of Object.


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