Issue tracker and errors in pages

by Andrea D'Amore » Fri, 20 May 2011 03:44:21 GMT

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the Android project's issue tracker on Google Code [1] says it's only
for user bugs, is this group the right place to request corrections
for errors on AOSP's website pages?





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1. Difference between Android Service and Content Provider

I am developing an app and get confused about the idea of Service and
Content Provider in Android. In practice, what will be the difference
between them?

Content Provider
is a facade and it defines a way to share data among applications. You
many attach a local database to your app or create Content Provider
mapped to a universal database so that all the application on the same
device can share it.

is long running processes that need to be decoupled from main
activity. It has local and remote service. local service is like the
local database, and remote service is like Content Provider sharing
the database info.

What My App is doing?
downloads info. from multiple internet resource in the background (I
suppose this will be Service) and store the info. into database, and
multiple applications will need to retrieve the data, format them and
output them to user (I guess it will be a Content Provider).

What will be the fine line between Service and Content Provider?
Newbie in Android, and any suggestion is welcome.



2. connected Motorola Droid not recognized by adb


I am trying to connect a Verizon Motorola Droid (Android 2.1) to my
computer and Run my application on the device. I have followed the
instructions on about how to "install the USB
driver" and "set up the device for development".

Specifically, I installed the Usb driver from whithin Eclipse
(galileo) using the Adnroid SDK and AVD Manager. (I checked adb at
this time and no recognition.) Then I installed the driver in windows
(XP) via Start > Control Panel > Add Hardware. The windows
installation seemed to work because during or after the installation
of the C:\android-sdk-windows\usb_driver some window came up and
announced that the "adb bla.. bla." was installed successfully.

On the device I have enabled debugging via Settings > Applications >
Development > USB debugging is checked. I also bring down the tri fork
thing and "mount" the sdcard. I can successfully copy files to and
from the device sdcard.

My application successfully runs on the ADV and I can access the ADV
sdcard using "adb push" and "adb shell".

With the moto droid connected, mounted, etc, if I run the command
prompt adb command "adb devices" the resulting list is empty. No
devices recognized.

With the ADV running and the moto droid connected, mounted, etc, if I
run the command prompt adb command "adb devices" the resulting list
shows only the "emulator-5554   device". (this is the same thing it
shows if the moto droid is not connected and only the ADV is running).

If I "Run" from Ecipse with the device connected, debugging, and
mounted, an instance of the ADV is launched and the program runs on
the ADV, not the device.

I cannot get anything to recognize that the device is connected.

My conclusion is that the android debug bridge, adb, is not
recognizing the device.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get adb to recognize and
work with my device.

Thanks to all persons for previous favors and advice. John Brown

Verizion website has a "fix for device not recognized" that is called
"DriverBoost" and will update all your USB driver to the "official"
version. I did not like the sound of Verizon "fixing all my drivers"
when I am only having trouble with Verizon's Moto droid but I
downloaded it anyway. this is the actual quote:
"DriverBoost scans your PC and uniquely identifies each and every
device driver. Then using a sophisticated matching algorithm every
device driver on your PC is matched with the latest version of that
driver on our proprietary database. New drivers are then quickly
downloaded onto your computer."
I went to install DriverBoost and it quickly informs me that the first
thing it will do is install the latest version of I


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