Stagefright Mediaextractor: how to detect interlaced streams in video files?

by Deva R » Tue, 07 Sep 2010 18:45:17 GMT

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Is it possible to detect scan type (progressive or interlaced) of a video
file in stagefright?

I see below listed fields are query-able with metadata of file through
stagefright, but not scan-type which i guess is avaiable in MP4 file header.
Any hint on how to detect scan-type of video file at Stagefright player
driver? Or is it available in opencore??


enum {
    kKeyMIMEType          = 'mime',
    kKeyWidth             = 'widt',
    kKeyHeight            = 'heig',
    kKeyChannelCount      = '#chn',
    kKeySampleRate        = 'srte',
    kKeyBitRate           = 'brte',
    kKeyESDS              = 'esds',
    kKeyAVCC              = 'avcc',
    kKeyVorbisInfo        = 'vinf',
    kKeyVorbisBooks       = 'vboo',
    kKeyWantsNALFragments = 'NALf',
    kKeyIsSyncFrame       = 'sync',
    kKeyIsCodecConfig     = 'conf',
    kKeyTime              = 'time',
    kKeyDuration          = 'dura',
    kKeyColorFormat       = 'colf',
    kKeyPlatformPrivate   = 'priv',
    kKeyDecoderComponent  = 'decC',
    kKeyBufferID          = 'bfID',
    kKeyMaxInputSize      = 'inpS',
    kKeyThumbnailTime     = 'thbT',

    kKeyAlbum             = 'albu',
    kKeyArtist            = 'arti',
    kKeyAlbumArtist       = 'aart',
    kKeyComposer          = 'comp',
    kKeyGenre             = 'genr',
    kKeyTitle             = 'titl',
    kKeyYear              = 'year',
    kKeyAlbumArt          = 'albA',
    kKeyAlbumArtMIME      = 'alAM',
    kKeyAuthor            = 'auth',
    kKeyCDTrackNumber     = 'cdtr',
    kKeyDiscNumber        = 'dnum',
    kKeyDate              = 'date',
    kKeyWriter            = 'writ',


Stagefright Mediaextractor: how to detect interlaced streams in video files?

by Deva R » Mon, 04 Oct 2010 21:56:18 GMT

 [resolved now]

i realized lately that its beyond the scope of file parser., and
supposed to be done by codec component.
written a custom parser to detect interlaced content,
and posted to local gerrit - #change,6889



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Stagefright Mediaextractor: how to detect interlaced streams in video files?

by Shashank » Fri, 22 Oct 2010 05:02:09 GMT

 Yes Deva, You are right.

The information regarding interlace is stored in compressed bit

Codec component should be able to provide this information to the
application, i.e. OMX Client. In case of Android :: Stagefright, its

Once this information is retrieved, developer can choose to do field
interlacing / selection for display at awesome player.



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