Re: Install a certificate on Android 1.5

by TreKing » Thu, 18 Nov 2010 05:55:36 GMT

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 2010/11/16 Jorge Ivn Andrs Contreras Pereira <>

What certificate?
What ".cer" file?

You'll probably want to elaborate on what you're talking about and / or what
you're doing if you hope to get help.

TreKing <> ; - Chicago
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Re: Install a certificate on Android 1.5

by Jorge Iv谩n Andr茅s Contreras Pereira » Fri, 19 Nov 2010 04:03:23 GMT

 >>Hello, I need to install a certificate, however not find a way. I have the
file ".cer".

Ok... , I have a file .cer or .p12, I need to install on the device to check
email with Active Sync, now I have installed an application called Moxier
Mail but the company requires that the device has a certificate that
includes a private key, but can not find any way you can install the file
.cer or .p12... I have a device LG Eve with Android 1.5.

Thanks for your help!


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Re: Install a certificate on Android 1.5

by Brian Carlstrom » Fri, 19 Nov 2010 04:14:50 GMT

 Sounds like a question for Moxier Mail. I haven't used 1.5, but the Android
client certificate installation found in later releases I have used is for
system services such as VPN and WiFi, not for applications to use.

A quick look at Moxier's site suggestions that they support client
certificate authentication: 
 <> ;

Currently, Moxier Mail supports the following:

   - 2003 Certificate-based Authentication

but I can't see any instructions on how to set it up in their user guide: 

you aren't the only one with this question: 

I have successfully used client certificate authentication with Exchange
using Nitrodesk Touchdown if Moxier Mail doesn't actually support client


On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Jorge Ivn Andrs Contreras Pereira <


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