Inspiration for a useful, even marketable, App

by benjaminwright » Wed, 24 Nov 2010 07:07:17 GMT

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 I am a lawyer with an idea for a useful app, but I too underpowered
(despite playing with AppInventor) to make it myself. Maybe I can
inspire a student, a hobbyist or an entrepreneur to make something
like it.

The purpose of the app is to help professional investigators collect
and authenticate evidence with an android device that has two cameras,
one facing out and the other facing the user.

The essential idea: 1. Snap a photo with outward-facing camera. 2.
Launch email and attach the photo to the email. 3. Let user address
email and insert any content. 4. Launch the user-facing camera to
collect video of the user. 5. Provide script for user to say on video
[I <John Doe> hereby authenticate the attached photo of
<describe photo>. The date is . . . and the time is . . . ]. 6. Attach
video to the email and send.

I created a template for something like this (web version) under Zoho
, and I discussed it here 

If someone were to create an app like this, I could explain its value
as a legal investigator tool and I could publicize it.

I claim no ownership in the idea. If you make an app, you can sell it,
and you owe me nothing. I just want to tell people about it.

I'd be happy to elaborate and help refine the idea.

Suggestions welcome.

enjamin Wright


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