Insights from AnDevCon

by Nathan » Fri, 11 Mar 2011 04:39:32 GMT

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 've been at AnDevCon this week. It was great.

The place was full. It seems they had a rush of signups just the week
before and filled it up. They will be going to a larger place next

Of the people I met, most were sent there by their employers. I didn't
see other small independent developers like myself that have to pay
their own way. This is not surprising given the price point. Since I
was paying my own way, I found a cheaper hotel 1.5 miles away and just
walked to the conference each day.

Some things I learned:
HoneyComb is a big deal and way different, as I will discover as I dig
into the SDK. The use case for a tablet is just different.
I don't know yet how much of a big deal HoneyComb will be for me
personally. The .17% of visits that came from a honeycomb device are
probably from people that already have an Android phone. My app still
supports 1.5 - I'd have to drop that if I want to do fragments.
Luggability is a big deal for people who use my app.

I like to learn all I can about UI cause mine sucks.
I went to another session that was supposed to be on UI but turned out
to be 'Ui for Honeycomb'. Here I was disappointed, since I know there
are these great things to do to make your UI clearer for users on
Honeycomb, but I need to solve those problems on a smartphone.
There was a good session on UI from the developer of the Android
Market client (yes, I do see the irony). I learned some things about
what they do to make it look okay in landscape mode. He talked about
the importance of two way communication with your design team and with
your use case team. I gave him some honest feedback for his app,
explaining why the user experience for a denied credit card is
terrible. His response implied that the problem goes deeper than the
layer he works on, but we'd hopefully see some improvements in the
coming months. I'll send him an email with some screenshots to follow
He did confirm.

I've spoken about Android Analytics at another conference, so I both
contributed and learned from this session. The guy teaching this had
built up a set of about 500 boilerplate apps before his account was
terminated by Google without explanation.

Testing/Continuous Integration.
This session was fun if just for the nutty professor type persona that
taught the class. I plan to make some improvements in my process since
I'll have another developer touching the code as of next week. Maybe
I'll send him the slides and say, figure this out.

I wasn't all fired up about haptics, but hearing from the Immersion
Motiv guy and what they've accomplished convinced me to go to the
session. There was a 'strum the guitar' demo app. I was thinking of
putting a few haptics from their library just to try out in the app.
But I've scrapped that for now based on the fine print in their eula.
It's free at first, but they want royalties of 5% after the first
$50,000 profit. Definitely worth it if you are doing an immersive
game; I'm not sure it is if you are just trying to make a few buttons/
dials more interactive.

I ran out of business cards.

In my last session, I found that there were two other people there
from Camas, WA (It's not a big place). On meeting them, I found out
one of them had my app, and liked it. Small world.

Next AnDevCon:
I've proposed a session for AnDevCon II in November called 'Marketing
for Independent Android Developers'.

Re: Insights from AnDevCon

by Nathan » Tue, 15 Mar 2011 02:34:09 GMT

 As far as meeting people on the forum, I went to the continuous
integration class from Manfred Moser and went to one of the classes
from Mark Murphy on Antipatterns. Both great and informative classes.

Who else went to AnDevCon? What did you learn? You may not have met me
there, but I was there.


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Re: Insights from AnDevCon

by Mike Wolfson » Tue, 15 Mar 2011 05:09:49 GMT

 OK, I think our paths crossed in the AntiPatterns class.  I was
sitting in the center aisle of the 5th row (on the right side).  I
think you were sitting in the 7th row on the left in the center aisle

I met a lot of people, but not everyone I wanted to.  In particular I
was  hoping to meet other people from this group in particular, since
our virtual paths cross so often (always nice to meet in real life
when the opportunity presents itself).  Sorry I didn't formally
introduce myself (I didn't know your last name - just your first name
and email - plus your Google account doesn't have a picture - all
things you may want to fixup to make it easier for people to connect
the real you to the virtual you).

I am thinking about loosely organizing something for Google IO
timeframe, so we can all get together in one place at one time - what
do you think?  (ie. meet at Al's Bar and Grill at 5:00 on Monday night
for example).

The most interesting thing I noticed was how many payment companies
(like Paypal) were in the vendor showcase.  It is clear there is a lot
of competition for this type of service.  Will be interesting to see
how this market segment plays out.  It is looking like each of those
vendors are going to make a big push to get their piece of the pi (sic
- specifically mispelled today in honor of it being Pi day).


Re: Insights from AnDevCon

by Streets Of Boston » Tue, 15 Mar 2011 05:38:37 GMT

 I was at AnDevCon as well (the tall Dutch dude :-)).

About meeting up around Google IO:
I'm not familiar with the San Fran area around the Moscone center. But i'll 
keep an eye on this group and see where we could meet.


Re: Insights from AnDevCon

by Maps.Huge.Info (Maps API Guru) » Tue, 15 Mar 2011 05:50:19 GMT

 There's a nice place called "Thirsty Bear Brewing" right around the
corner from Moscone Center. You might try that.

-John Coryat


Re: Insights from AnDevCon

by Nathan » Tue, 15 Mar 2011 06:04:58 GMT

 I'm not much of a BrewPub guy, but I will attend a meetup if there is

I am planning a kayak trip to Alcatraz for May 12th in the afternoon.
I'm catching a flight that evening. If some people are around then,
you might want to join this.

The Paypal people stressed that they are for physical goods. I haven't
started manufacturing any of those to sell with my Android App yet.


On Mar 14, 2:49pm, "Maps.Huge.Info (Maps API Guru)"


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