How to style a button to look like a spinner

by Steven » Tue, 14 Dec 2010 04:52:26 GMT

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 I want to create a button that "looks" like a spinner element using
the declarative XML layout approach.

This question was asked in Oct 2009, but I could not find a direct
answer to the following post:

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Hi Experts,
I am new to Java as well as Android developement. Please help in the
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public class FrmOrders extends ListActivity
ListView listView;
String [] strArray;
public void onCreate(Bundle bndl)
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    if (c.moveToFirst())
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          Toast .makeText(getBaseContext(),String.valueOf(str.length
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 catch (Exception e)
        Toast .makeText(getBaseContext(),DBAdapter.strException ,

Thanks in Advance.


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