How to refresh a "Form"

by Giorgio Torres » Sat, 23 Apr 2011 06:32:48 GMT

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 Hi, i'm new in android development and I've just completed the tutorial at
I'm a J2ME programmer, and I think i have some habits from it.
First of all, it was hard to familiarize with android's UI building way, and
i have some vicious inherited from J2ME's programming way.

I'm trying to build an app which one of the views are refreshed at runtime.
I've created a class "MyForm" that inherits View, and at onCreate method I
setContentView(MyForm). And i'm doing
this with all of my app's "form".

I would like to know android's best way to do what i'm trying.

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Re: How to refresh a "Form"

by TreKing » Tue, 26 Apr 2011 05:12:10 GMT


I don't think your question is very clear. However, off the bat I would say
you do not need a "MyForm" class that extends View. You just need a layout
defined in XML that lays out your form and you can set that as the content
for your view. As for "refreshing", most things are automatic (like setting
the text on a TextView) but if you need to force refresh you can look at

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