How to keep transparency through canvas redraw

by isa550 » Fri, 25 Feb 2011 12:58:13 GMT

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I need a layout to open with an effect of expanding opening. The
layout grows until it takes the whole screen, but the content is not
So I make a layout, override the onDraw, clipRect with a Rect that
grows with a timer.
Until there it works.
But once the layout is fully expanded, it redraws because it contains
a webview with javascript animation. In the "background" of my layout,
I have drawn a slight gray overlay or background using:
canvas.drawArgb(70, 127, 127, 127) method in onDraw().
The problem is, since onDraw() is called again, the background goes
darker, until it is completely gray, it looses its transparency.

I don't manage to avoid this problem.

If I put a background to the layout, it is shown on the whole layout
as soon as it is drawn, so the clipRect does not affect the
background, this is not the behaviour I need...

private class ExpandedLayout extends RelativeLayout {

private int topRect, bottomRect, leftRect, rightRect;

private int initTopRect, initBottomRect, initLeftRect,

private Timer viewTimer;

private TimerTask updateMaskTask;

public ExpandedLayout(Context context) {
topRect = 0;
bottomRect = screenHeight;

public void setBounds(int topInit, int bottomInit, int
leftInit, int
rightInit) {
topRect = topInit;
bottomRect = bottomInit;
leftRect = leftInit;
rightRect = rightInit;

initTopRect= topInit;
initBottomRect = bottomInit;
initLeftRect= leftInit;
initRightRect = rightInit;

public void show() {
viewTimer = new Timer();
updateMaskTask = new TimerTask(){
public void run() {
if (topRect > 0) {
topRect = (topRect-1 < 0) ? 0 :
if (bottomRect < screenHeight) {
bottomRect = (bottomRect+1 >
screenHeight) ? screenHeight :
if (leftRect > 0) {
leftRect = (leftRect-1 < 0) ? 0
: (leftRect-1);
if (rightRect < screenWidth) {
rightRect = (rightRect+1 >
screenWidth) ? screenWidth :
if ( (topRect == 0) && (bottomRect ==
screenHeight) && (leftRect
== 0) && (rightRect == screenWidth) ) {

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