ganti profil APN

by Arianto C Nugroho » Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:46:34 GMT

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 Hallo2 ...

Di beberapa ROM hero yang saya gunakan, sulit untuk kalo mau gonta-ganti
profil APN. Pasti harus konfig ulang, gak bisa tinggal pilih dari daftar
yang udah ada ... kira-kira kenapa ya ?

kayanya dulu waktu pake ROM asli, ada daftar APN sama radio buttonnya ..

Arianto C Nugroho

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ganti profil APN

by abangkis » Mon, 02 Nov 2009 15:30:15 GMT

 Hm... kalo pake yang asli bawaan HTC sih tinggal ke setting > Wireless
controll > Mobile Network Setting > Access Point Name.

Di situ bisa pilih2 atau nambah. Gak tahu deh itu bawaan si htc atau
androidnya. kalo gak ada berarti bawaannya htc :P

2009/11/2 Arianto C Nugroho <>:

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ganti profil APN

by Arianto C Nugroho » Mon, 02 Nov 2009 15:34:24 GMT

 dari 3 ROM hero yang terakhir gw pake, memang ada daftar-nya .. tapi gak
bisa dipilih :(

baru berasa waktu harus sering ganti2 APN ..

2009/11/2 abangkis <>

Arianto C Nugroho

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ganti profil APN

by Arianto C Nugroho » Mon, 02 Nov 2009 16:08:58 GMT

 solve setelah baca ini : 

rubah APN type-nya jadi "default"

2009/11/2 Arianto C Nugroho <>

Arianto C Nugroho

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1. We do believe in Google !

Simak baik2 paragraf terakhir... :)


Why Cyanogate Was an Epic Win for Android Fans
Submitted by Ray Walters on Saturday, 3 October 2009

I was waiting for something like this to pop. It really was only a matter of 
time before Google decided to clamp down in some way on the whole modding 
scene. While it was not a huge ban hammer like Apple does with jail-breaking 
on it platform, it certainly was enough to send out cries of dismay and 
objection from the masses.
The masses who love playing with the different ROM builds that are released, 
and many times give early access to very cool new features. In most of the blog 
posts that I read, people were upset and negative about this clamp down, and I 
certainly understand why.

To be clear, Google has clarified their stance so we understand; they support 
working on the ROMs and releasing them, but do NOT support the bundling of any 
Google apps with those ROMs. Whether you agree with this or not, I see this 
development as a good thing for the platform as a whole. Now before you go 
blasting me out of the water with comments, think about it.

When someone tells you not to do something, what is your first instinct? To do 
it! We live in a culture that when something like this happens, people rush to 
check out what the big deal is. They want to be part of the conversation and 
they want to be someone who has gotten their hands on the contraband in 
question. And of course, they want the status of having it. It is like the 
{*filter*} videos that sweep the internet every so often.

The latest was the ESPN reporter key hole video, which was put to a torrent 
site. The download rate was HUGE, because everyone wanted to see what the big 
deal was. This is happening, I believe, with Android. Those people who are 
tapped into the constantly shifting world of mobile devices have heard about 
Android and have never tapped into it. However, they are certainly doing so 
now, and finding a lot to like.
When a giant like Google seems to go against what they say the platform stands 
forpen source collaborationt is going to attract attention. Cyanogate could 
be a great thing for the platform as a whole. I think it has really generated 
a lot of attention which will bring about new adopters.

The story was literally on every tech blog I came across. Also, perhaps Google 
will continue it streak of making very good decisions, and hire a few people 
behind some of these custom ROMS. If Google does that, watch out. This thing 
is going to explode in a good way, it will show that they are committed to make 
Android be a great platform and continue to evolve to what the end users need.

Long Live Android!

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