Alert Dialog to display across activities?

by TreKing » Tue, 02 Mar 2010 01:48:59 GMT

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Well, you could use a Toast message, that will stay up regardless of what's
going on, but that's timed and will go away eventually. I highly doubt that
you will be able to do this otherwise.

And why do you want to do this anyway? There's probably a better strategy as
far as usability is concerned.

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1. I don't HATE apple, but I found these interesting things yesterday, poor iphone developers.

First off I like to write music apps, so I keep an eye on the music
apps that are out for iPhone.

Two of these really popular apps are BeatMaker and Noise.IO. Beatmaker
is a sample driven sequencer MPC style, and Noise.IO is a full
featured FM synth.

I read something disturbing in the app info yesterday that shows just
how much power Apple has over developers.

In the past Beatmaker and Noise.IO had formed a way to share data -
the ability to export a synth sound out of Noise.IO and import it into
Beatmaker. It looks like Apple now "forced" them to change how this
sharing works - in fact so much so that currently the export feature
in Noise.IO is GONE! And the lastest reviewers of the app aren't happy
about it LOL. And the Beatmaker app indicates that import is gone in
the current update. Imagine LOSING functionality in an update!
Wouldn't that{*filter*}off a customer! Anyway the Beatmaker page mentions
something about having to switch over to Apple's copy/paste
functionality instead of the way they were using before, and that this
was requested by Apple.

So that makes me feel much better about Android, I think it sucks when
a product that has been out for a long while already, and now Apple
comes in and bullies the developers to break their software basically
for no good reason except they want some control over how stuff is
done. How obnoxious.

Also, I dont see how Apple is so "groundbreaking". I was looking up
specs on the iPhone OS 3.0 yesterday, and it didn't come out until
June/July 2009, this is when it finally got copy/paste, MMS, and Push
notifications. By the way Push notifications are where an app can get
notified to start when it receives some data, even though the app
isn't "running". Well, Android was well along the way already back in
2008 and it had Widgets and Intents, which do this already. Push
notification is just a widget with an intent basically, and it came
out much later.

I am not an Android Fanboy or an Apple fanboy, I always figure whoever
has the best tech wins in the end, I am writing Android apps and I
usually compare Apple apps to what I'm doing so I can see if such a
thing is possible at all processor speed wise, etc. I found that the
original iPhone processor was actually only running at 412Mhz or so,
and still has some good music apps, so that gives me a bit of info on
how those apps are written then. iPhone has objective C and can
compile to native code, but Android has NDK and you can also use
native code, so I should be able to still write comparable apps
processing power wise.

So reading some of this info made me start to see how Android is
really ahead of the game in a lot of ways. Back in 2008 it already had
copy/paste, MMS messaging, and widgets and intents long before iPhone
OS 3.0..The hardware such as the touch screens still isn't as accurate
or as good, but the OS it pretty darn good, and it's nice not to have
big brother over your shoulder everytime you write an app.



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I have a single Activity application, within it I have a service which
creates an AlarmManager and sends a broadcast to a broadcast Receiver.
If the activity which starts the services dies, (ie. divide by zero),
the broadcast receiver stops the old service which created the

It works the first time. The second time, it does not.

I am seeing the following messages in the logCat:

ActivityManager: Process  has crashed too many times: killing!
ActivityManager: Unable to launch app for broadcast Intent: process is
                 finishReceiver called but not active

It seems like the AlarmManager is still active but the broadcast
receiver is no longer receiving. It works great once!

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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