How I can make transparent Keyguard

by agent-10 » Sat, 11 Dec 2010 13:06:18 GMT

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 Hi, I've change the behavior of to my own but I don't
know how to make transparent or translucent Keyguard. I just wanna see
behind windows(e.g Home app, another users activities etc).
I suppose that I should change something in
in show() function but I don't what exactly...
Can anyone help me?

P.S. I have sources for Froyo 2.2.


Re: How I can make transparent Keyguard

by agent-10 » Tue, 14 Dec 2010 04:55:17 GMT

 Never mind. I found out how to do it.
The first we should change doesForceHide() function in For Keyguard window this function returns
It cause to forcibly hide everything behind window, in our case it's
Keyguard. Change it to false.

Next we should remove FLAG_SHOW_WALLPAPER in show() in

After this, we'll see transparent keyguard.


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