How android system establish a data connection

by Amit » Wed, 09 Mar 2011 19:53:35 GMT

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 Hi All,

How android system try to establish a data connection at the time of
power up or when we set up an apn.

 As I checked the framework code, is a state
machine which interacts with RIL in order to activate/deactivate a
data connection. But when I put up any debug log in the ,it never gets hit either in success or failure

When this file is used ?



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I found my application run differently on G1 from Android emulator.

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Here is the related code snippet in my Android  application:

                        InputStreamReader  br=new BufferedReader(new 
                        String line;
                        while ((line=br.readLine())!=null)
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When the code runs on Android emulator, the while loop exits almost
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However, when it runs on G1 phone, the while loop does not exit until
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Using G1,  have you experienced similar problem??? If you have, how
did you work around the problem?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!


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