H264 live streaming error on specific devices

by John Lauser » Fri, 14 Jan 2011 21:18:50 GMT

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 Hello all,

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Our application has a live video component that we use to stream our
TV channel. While testing on the Samsung Transform, I noticed that
when calling the live stream the audio can be heard but the video
never shows. When calling the stream from a gen 1 droid or DroidX,
everything works fine and both the audio and video play correctly . I
hooked the transform up to DDMS and noticed the following error
repeated about every second...

ERROR/PVOMXVidDecNode : Ln 1541 OMX_EventError nData1 -2147479541
nData2 0

The device details are:
Samsung Transform
Android OS: 2.1-update1
Build: ECLAIR.DI11

The live stream details:
H264 Baseline w/ AAC Audio 16kbps sample rate 44.1khz

Is the video decoder error specific to the device's capabilities or
could the way we have the h264 stream set up cause it? Both of the
droid devices that play it fine are running 2.2 if that helps at all.

Thanks again



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