Google Doc Form in Android

by danielfjb » Thu, 19 May 2011 05:39:56 GMT

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 Hi, I need to embed a google doc form in my android application. The
client doesn't want the user has to download the google docs
application to open it, nor any third party application.
A WebView works fine.
But maybe are there more options?, maybe an API of google, to get
question by question of the form? In this way I could make an
application showing one by one depending on the type of the question.
I've been reading the Google Document List API but I haven't found
anything yet.
I presented the browser option, but they didn't like it because it
shows the whole form like in a regular browser, with blank spaces in
both sides, also they don't want the user has to manage the zoom.
If you have more ideas would be great!!
I'll appreciate if you guys could help me.
Thanks in advance


Re: Google Doc Form in Android

by TreKing » Thu, 19 May 2011 05:45:09 GMT

 This is the 3rd time you've asked this question. Was the first thread, which
received several replies, inadequate? If you have a followup question,
please continue it in the original thread:

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