GL acceleration in Emulator - demo - at Google IO

by Suman Saraf » Fri, 13 May 2011 21:58:29 GMT

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 > Hello,


Re: GL acceleration in Emulator - demo - at Google IO

by David Turner » Mon, 16 May 2011 23:39:45 GMT


Not that I know of. It's a custom wire protocol.

Yes, look at development/tools/emulator/opengl/ (warning: work in progress)


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Re: GL acceleration in Emulator - demo - at Google IO

by Suman Saraf » Fri, 20 May 2011 01:46:04 GMT

 Thanks David.

I checked out the latest code and have started to fiddle with it. I am trying 
to run this on x86 inside VirtualBox.

I have a few questions and would be glad if you could help:

1. I built everything inside shared and system and tests/gles_android_wrapper. 
That produced the EGL, GLES_v1 and GLES_v2 libraries. I copied these to my 
device along with the egl.cfg and gles_emul.cfg

2. do I need to build gralloc also? I did build it and planted it in 
system/lib/; overwriting the for the 
software only renderer.

3. now I need to build a renderer application which can render it remotely. I 
tried building host/renderer on Linux. Ideally I want to build this on Windows? 
Is it possible?
the resulting emulator_renderer binary (on Linux) failed to initialize 
frame-buffer because of unsupported EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE in eglChooseConfig.

To reiterate, I ideally want to build the emulator_renderer on Windows. Is it 
possible? Is there an alternate way to render this remotely on Windows? How?

Am I completely off track or is this really the way to get this thing to run?



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