Re: getWindowManager in server?

by Justin Anderson » Fri, 20 May 2011 06:07:55 GMT

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Justin Anderson
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1. Printing keyCode

What is the best way to print the int associated with each key I
pressed? I tried something like this:

    public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event)
        super.onKeyDown(keyCode, event);
        switch (keyCode)
        default :
                // Something might happen here
                TextView currentRankText =
                        (TextView)  this.findViewById(;
        return true;

and, well, all I managed to do was to crash the emulator.


2. Scrollable widgets in alternative Home applications

Hi devs,

Many people would like to see scrollable widgets on their Home.
As you may know, current Android stock Home doesn't support it, and
HTC Sense doesn't provide any API.

We propose to create an open source standard for an Home extension
code allowing devs to create 3rd party widgets which support scrolling
(list view).

The principe have been implemented, and succesfully tested in Home++
and Pure messenger widget.

Now, after discussing with other Home creators, we'd like to
generalize this and include it in other Home applications.
Few other Home applications devs are already integrating the Home++
code to evaluate this (FreedHome, Tag Home and HelixLauncher 1).

Here is the list of interested parteners:
- Helix Launcher
- FreedHome
- Tag Home
- ADW Launcher
- LauncherPro beta

During this first phase we'd like to focus on scrollable widgets but
other extensions could be imagined (animations, gestures ...)

Please devs, join us to discuss this and create a new standard for
alternative Home.

If Google wants to use it for the next Android release, we would be
very happy, but for now, the goal is to include it in a large number
of alternative Home applications.

Francois DESLANDES (creator of Pure widgets)


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